Buggyfit - Outdoor Post Natal Fitness Classes

Wimbledon Buggyfit is the ultimate fitness class for new Mums. We've been training postnatal ladies in SW18 and SW19 for over 13 years! Our classes are:

  • Suitable for all levels of fitness, from the complete beginner to experienced exerciser

  • Great for shifting post natal weight

  • Ideal for toning your tummy, arms, bum & legs

  • Convenient as baby comes too

  • Safe as our instructors are all qualified & experienced in ante/post natal fitness

  • Sociable and a great way to meet other new mums

  • Not just a walk in the park!

Locations & Times

We run Buggyfit classes on Wimbledon Common on Tuesdays at 11.00am. We also have a wide range of evening, early morning and Saturday classes (including Fit In The Park Mums) in South Park Gardens and Wimbledon Park. . Please see our Timetable to find a class that suits you and your baby.

Join Us - Free Trials Available!

As soon as you've had your GP check-up (usually between 6-10 weeks), you're welcome to come and try out a class with us. We are currently offering free trials on all of our Buggyfit classes.

Our prices range from £6.50 to £10.00 a class depending on which of our flexible class passes you buy. We have 3 different payment options to choose from. There is no commitment or contract. You can even pay-as-you go if you wish.

Once you've purchased your pass, you can use it at any session on our regular Timetable including our Fit In The Park classes. It's really flexible. You don't even have to stick to a particular time or day of the week.

You can purchase your pass online, or bring cash or a cheque (payable to HA fitness Ltd) to one of our classes.

You must complete a health form before you join a class, and you attend at your own risk. Please also read our full Terms And Conditions.

Want to know what we get up to at Wimbledon Buggyfit?

Visit the buggyfit gallery and read the testimonials below to find out what other people say about our classes. 

"I just wanted to tell you what a lovely class we had with Kate in South Park this morning. It was pouring with rain most of the time & there were only five of us. But, as ever, she was cheerful & upbeat. We had a great time with weight balls & the ladder thingy, which we don't normally do with the bigger classes. She is a great instructor."

Daniella Horwitz


"I have found Buggyfit and Fit In The Park a really great way to fit exercise into life as a new mum.  The classes are fun and sociable, whilst being flexible enough to allow everyone to participate at their own level.  It is great for me to be able to exercise outside, with Ben there enjoying the great outdoors, rather than being stuck in a gym crèche.  Plus I have noticeably better abs these days (post baby) which I can only put down to Buggyfit"

Sophie Mckay


"I'm so glad I discovered Buggyfit - I've met loads of people and built some great friendships as well as losing more weight than I ever thought possible. I reckon I'm fitter now than I've ever been, perhaps even fitter than when I trained for a triathlon and I'm slimmer than before I had a baby. I used to love the excuse to go up to the common but now my son's started walking a bit I prefer the classes in South Park Gardens as he can get out of the buggy and toddle around while I exercise. Kate's a fantastic teacher who makes sure the classes are really varied and tough yet not impossible. I always have a buzz of energy after a class, even if I'm physically tired."



"Kate and Heather are enthusiastic and creative with their fitness programmes and they will even nurse the baby if necessary!"

Rachel Levin


"I love Buggyfit because I can take my baby with me!  I also love being able to work at my own pace and if I want to walk instead of run for a few mins I don't feel like a failure if I do.  I love that if my baby cries I can attend to him and even sometimes include him in the exercises.  Its great having different locations to workout in and every session is different - you never know what you are going to be doing.  Kate is fantastic at keeping you motivated and offering lots of advice and answers all our questions !  Not that I'm counting but 126 days till my wedding - and buggyfit is going to help me fit into my dress !  Watch this space!" 



"Buggyfit is beyond brilliant. Kate's classes are really fun and effective - you feel like you've really worked out, but somehow the time flies; I can never believe it when the session is over. Never a dull moment - not usually the case when it comes to exercise. In over a year, no one class has ever been the same, Kate has brilliant ideas and always differentiates so that everyone's needs and abilities are taken into consideration. Amazing! Gorgeous scenery, friendly mummies and best of all baby comes too! Absolutely cannot recommend this highly enough".

Antonia Godber


"Buggyfit is an absolutely brilliant class for mums with babies of all ages! I started going when my little one was just a few weeks old and still go whenever I can now she's one year. It's a great full body workout and I'd recommend it to anyone trying to lose that 'mummy tummy'!" 

Claire Richardson, mum to Rosie, 1 year


"Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for all your help over the last few months. I really enjoyed my Buggyfit sessions and that's saying something for someone who hasn't run since school and hates gyms and normal sporty activities with a passion! You made me feel very comfortable and welcome.  I think the classes are really fantastic way to get out and always seemed to give me a great boost of energy (even if I did usually expend a certain amount of my post exercise glee on eating cake!)"

Alex (and Cosmo)


"I appreciate the new buggyfit class on Monday morning. I've got twins (almost 9 months old) and it is quite difficult for me to drive to the Common or Wimbledon Park. But because I can walk to South Park Gardens, I joined those classes, wishing it was more than once a week. And now it is. It's great!"



"I started Buggyfit classes 10 weeks after having Matthew and having a c section. At first I could not even manage the runs. I did a class a week for 6 months and really noticed a difference in my strength and fitness week by week. I loved the combo of cardio and toning and the chatting to other mums and being outdoors. I stopped at around 10 months after Mattys birth when I went back to work part time and life became too hectic. Buggyfit gave me my fitness and figure back. One year after his birth I am back to cycling to work (12 miles a day) and have returned to my pre pregnancy weight, so thank you. I would definitely recommend the classes to new mums ,the endorphins and socialising is great and time for yourself (with your baby). Many thanks to you both." 

Eloise mum of Matty now 1.


"I really can't recommend Buggyfit highly enough.  The classes are fun, varied and structured in such a way that they challenged me from when I started going when my baby was a couple of months old until she was nearly 10 months.  And they are great value for money too. If you go regularly you will definitely improve your fitness and see an improvement in your body shape."

Isobel, mother of 2.


"Buggyfit classes have kept me sane during my maternity leave, as well as helping me get back into shape and getting us out of the house, the friendly supportive atmosphere has been a tonic. I have made a lot of friends through the classes and made many connections which mean we nearly always meet someone to say hello to when we're out and about. Thanks to Heather and Kate for facilitating this!"